Identify Cyber Security Gaps with Penetration Testing

In an age when most businesses are run online, cyber security is crucial, and it is no surprise that you are considering the strength of your security measures.  

I have seen so many businesses suffer substantial losses due to weaknesses in their systems. With more businesses operating with technology and customers interacting with those businesses online, there is a danger of cyber security threats that businesses are exposed to. By simulating real world attacks, we can identify and address any security weaknesses before malicious actors exploit them.  

As a business, it is essential to ensure your systems are secure to avoid information being stolen, data becoming corrupt, and any other breaches that can occur when your security system is not up to scratch. That is where penetration testing comes in to help identify any issues that could allow hackers to get into your systems.  

What is penetration testing? 

Penetration testing is a process of finding and exploiting weaknesses in an organisation’s systems, such as its website, network, or applications. The goal is to identify and fix vulnerabilities before malicious attackers exploit them. 

There are different types of penetration testing and depending on the size and complexity of an organisation. 

The main types of penetration testing include: 

Network (internal & external) testing: Network tests rigorously investigate your network to identify security vulnerabilities. This type of testing tells you if data can be compromised and makes you aware of any potential risks to your cyber security. Network testing informs you of which vulnerabilities should be prioritised and depending on the business conducting the network testing, they may provide recommendations on how to mitigate any risk identified.  

Wireless testing: Unsecured wireless networks are great entry points for attackers to enter a network and steal valuable data. Wireless penetration tests identify any vulnerabilities, quantify the potential damages that could cause you, and determine how the found vulnerabilities should be remedied.  

Website and web application testing: Cybercriminals often target businesses using web applications. Website and web application penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting problems, and application logic and session management flow flaws. 

Mobile security testing: As more businesses accommodate customers by allowing them to access services through smart devices, it is important that the mobile applications are secure. Mobile security testing involves in-depth assessments based on the latest frameworks and security testing tools.  

Cloud penetration testing: With cloud penetration testing, you can uncover and address vulnerabilities within your business’s cloud software. This type of test helps avoid exposure of critical assets. Cloud software is not always 100% secure, just because something is in the “cloud”, does not mean it is always secure. So, by running cloud penetration tests, you can ensure that it is as secure as possible. 

Social engineering testing: Cyber attackers will target employees to enter your business’s systems. Social engineering testing will check if your employees fall victim to phishing engagements via controlled assessments using penetration testing tools. The test allows you to identify any areas where your business needs further training in cyber security. 

When do you need a penetration test? 

To comply with security standards, you should have a penetration test annually. But personally, I would recommend bi-annually, supplemented with regular vulnerability scanning. This is to ensure that any weaknesses identified in the first penetration test have been successfully remediated.  

I would also recommend performing penetration testing at other times, such as when your business makes significant changes to infrastructure, launches a new product, and services, or uses or develops custom applications. You may also be required to show evidence that penetration tests are undertaken if you are undergoing a business merger or acquisition or when bidding for large commercial contracts.  

Exploring the benefits of penetration testing 

In addition to staying compliant and fending off unwanted attacks, your organisation can experience a lot of other benefits, such as: 

Measure security effectiveness: You can see the effectiveness of your current security measures. If your measures have vulnerabilities, they will be identified, and you would be notified of recommendations to mend the issues to prevent a security breach.  

Accurate results: Penetration tests actively exploit weaknesses, so they will not only locate the issues but also see where and how they are exploited and tell you the damage that the weaknesses could cause to your business. A pen test will locate any weakness a cyber-attacker can use.  

Technical review: You will receive an independent technical review of the security of your core systems and applications. This will allow you to see just how adequate your security is and what security measures your business has in place. 

Comprehensiveness: Penetration tests find any issues or weaknesses and simulate an attack to assess the damage. The tests learn how hackers may enter your systems and tell you how you can mend weaknesses.  

Security reassurance: With security reassurance, you can continue with business as usual without having to worry about inefficient security measures. Identifying any potential issues or having confirmation that your current measures are working can ease your mind.  

Expertise: Penetration tests are conducted by skilled experts who want to help your business. They require specialised tools and knowledge to be delivered. Companies that offer penetration testing services take pride in locating any weaknesses and supporting you to remediate.  


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