Improving your document approval processes with workflows

TSG is hosting this webinar with our partner Sicon to demonstrate a number of powerful modules that you can add on to your Sage 200 solution.

Why not join us for the full webinar, or dip in and out for your key interests?

This series of mini demonstrations is designed to present you with a variety of useful enhancements for your Sage 200 solution. Developed by our partner Sicon, a Sage 200 Platinum Developer, these are fully integrated into the Sage 200 database, working seamlessly with existing functionality.


11:00 -11:30 – WAP Invoice Approval with DMS (also includes suggested payments approval)

11:30- 12:10 – WAP PRS module

12:15- 13:45 – WAP Expenses module

WAP Invoice Approval with DMS

Sicon WAP provides the ability for staff to approve invoices online through a portal wherever they are, without having to wait until they are in the office. This eliminates delays in payments to suppliers and avoids issues with late payments, and affecting relationships with them.

There’s no need to waste valuable time having to send paper invoices to authorisers and the usual annoyance of losing them and replacement. Invoices can either be automatically matched when linked in conjunction with the PRS module and tolerance levels set to only go for approval if there is a difference, or simply use it for invoice approval only if no PO exists. The module also includes a suggested payments authorisation approval too.

Sicon Document Management (DMS)

Get rid of paper documents and save valuable storage space by using Sicon Document Management (DMS). This is an integrated solution which links to Sage to allow you to scan and attach documents (as well as electronic documents) and indexes them automatically.

Customers report saving at least 20-30% of admin time by not having to search for documents in filing cabinets, particularly when the auditors visit, by not tying up staff retrieving them.

Space is a premium nowadays so wasting this on lots of storage of paper documents in unnecessary.

You can drag and drop documents from an email or a stored document as well as use a direct scanner or network scanner.

When linked with Sicon WAP Invoice Approval module, these can be sent automatically for approval through a web browser and sent electronically, reducing the need for a paper trail and losing documents

Sicon WAP PRS module (purchase approvals)

Sicon WAP PRS is the perfect solution for those customer who may already have some form of purchase ordering process in place albeit very manual currently, therefore taking up valuable time re-keying of information and having to locate approvers.

There’s also no visibility typically in these scenarios for budget holders to check budgets before spending, unless finance teams have had to spend time producing these for them. It provides a method for finance to control budgets, even before any requisition has been raised. This works well whether you have already have a process in place or not.

Most finance staff suggest that they receive invoices without any awareness or visibility that the money has been spent, so trying to control cash-flow is impossible, and in most cases staff end up going over budget, whether this is nominal or project-related.

WAP Expenses module

Sicon WAP Expenses provides staff with the ability to submit their expenses online through a web portal, which eliminates the need for staff in finance having to waste valuable time re-keying into Sage, speeding up the process for staff getting their expenses in.

Documents can be attached to these expenses and then stored in Sage using Sicon DMS. The module also provides the ability to capture credit card transactions too and post to Sage. The module can be linked to the Projects module to capture costs at the same time.

Other WAP modules include Timesheets, SOP (sales order processing) HR and Holiday Requisitions.


Type of event? Online seminar

Who should attend? FD’s

Why attend the event? This series of mini demonstrations is designed to present you with a variety of useful enhancements for your Sage 200 solution.

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