Innovative technology helping Home Group deliver the perfect service.

An innovative IT project between two North East companies – Technology Services Group (TSG) and Home Group – has prompted a fact finding visit from the Australian office of Nintex, the global standard in workflow automation, who created the workflow and forms technology on which the project is based.

IT specialists TSG configured a system for housing provider Home Group’s customer services centre to deal with in-bound calls from its 120,000 customers efficiently. To enable immediate use the system was initially deployed as a cloud based solution on Microsoft Office 365 before being migrated across to Microsoft SharePoint to fit in line with Home Group’s preferred on-premise IT strategy.

The assembled system is integrated with advanced workflow and forms developed on the Nintex platform. These will help Home Group gain and interact with all of the necessary information required to act appropriately on each call and effectively service every customer. 

“Home Group is using Nintex workflows and forms with SharePoint to increase the productivity of its Customer Service Team and better serve its customer base,” said Nintex’s VP of Partner Strategy & Programs Josh Waldo. “The Home Group team is also using Nintex forms as a step-by-step discussion guide when speaking to customers which is a great new use case for the technology.”

The creative use of Nintex workflows and forms prompted recognition for both Home Group and TSG. Home Group were recently crowned “Team of the Year” at the National Contact Centre awards while TSG have been nominated for the “Solution Innovation Award” at Nintex’s 2015 Annual Partner Awards.

Donna Middleton, Home Group’s Director of Customer Experience said: “The knowledge management solution is proving hugely beneficial saving Home Group a lot of money and time in training up the call handlers. Our ability to get an issue resolved first time has improved massively which in turn reduces the costs of having to revisit properties.

“Previously if a plumbing related problem came through the solution offered to the customer could have been different depending on the level of experience of the call operator. The new solution now empowers our call centre staff with the confidence they can deal with any call that comes in regardless of their level experience or what the problem is.”

The possibility of empowering customers is also being explored by making the forms available on Home Group’s website so they can self-serve with any issues to reach a solution.