Microsoft announces full telephony platform in Office 365

Microsoft has today announced a full, unified comms solution as part of Office 365.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice integrates a complete telephony solution into Microsoft’s leading collaboration hub, Microsoft Teams.

The solution brings voice and video calls, instant messaging and meetings together to offer businesses a full telephony solution in a single user-friendly business application.

For businesses already using Office 365, Microsoft 365 Business Voice integrates seamlessly into the productivity suite. Businesses not using Office 365 can still take advantage by moving multiple communication methods into a standalone platform.

TSG’s telephony expert, Warren Free, is hosting a webinar this afternoon to answer all of your burning questions on Microsoft 365 Business Voice – sign up now.

Built for productivity, the solution allows businesses to:

  • Communicate internally and externally in one solution with customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners
  • Call from anywhere on any device
  • Tether their desk phone number to their mobile. No more handing out multiple phone numbers to your customers

TSG’s telephony expert, Warren Free, said of the announcement, “We’ve been asked by lots of customers about external voice services coming to Teams, so we’re thrilled to finally share this news.

“We’ve been working with Microsoft as part of its adoption programme, taking part in an advisory group to shape how voice services should operate in Microsoft Teams.

“TSG has had a say in what the final communications system looks like, meaning it takes into account our customers’ specific requirements.”

The change in telephony and voice communications

Internet telephony has become more popular in recent years as businesses move away from traditional phone systems.

Slow or isolated communications systems are estimated to cost large organisations almost £50 million each per year (Holmes Report). But businesses who promote collaborative working are 5x more likely to be high-performing (Stanford).

It’s no surprise that businesses are turning to unified comms

Additional benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Voice:

  • Straightforward management from your main Office 365 admin console
  • Easy setup with no hardware installations
  • Scalability to quickly add new users as your business grows

And features you’d expect from a leading cloud phone provider including:

  • Advanced call control
  • Intelligent routing options
  • Location-based routing
  • AI-powered voicemail transcription
  • Supervised and blind call transfer
  • Call delegation
  • See the full features list of Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Find out more about what this launch means for businesses in our blog.


We’re also hosting a webinar to tell you everything you need to know about this full unified communications software and answer all your burning questions.

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Features you’d expect from a leading cloud phone provider including:


Advanced call control


Intelligent routing options


Location-based routing


AI-powered voicemail transcription


Supervised and blind call transfer


Call delegation


See the full features list of Microsoft 365 Business Voice