Microsoft Customer Voice: A futureproofed solution for housing associations

Understanding what your tenants think in real-time about your organisation and the services you deliver, can help drive significant improvements in tenant experience. The Microsoft Customer Voice (MSCV) platform helps organisations do just that. 

MSCV means that tenants’ concerns can be pinpointed and acted upon at every point in their journey with you. 

Hosted on the Microsoft platform, MSCV can be fully integrated or stand alongside your current IT systems, with data transferred across platforms. 

What can Microsoft Customer Voice do for your housing association?

Whether you choose to (semi) automate your surveys, email, or SMS (note: SMS requires a 3rd party telecoms supplier), you can remove significant overheads and blockages over traditional paper-based tenant surveys.  

MSCV can use triggers from various systems to send out surveys, and feedback can be classified and gathered based on those touchpoints. From dealing with complaints to rating services, you can stay focused on things that matter to your tenants.  

What data does Microsoft Customer Voice collect? 

You can collect a range of data including:-  

  • Net Promoter scores (what tenants think about your organisation?)  
  • Customer Satisfaction (what do tenants think about specific interactions with your staff?)  
  • Customer Effort Scores (how easy it is to deal with your organisation?) 

In addition to this, you can collect verbatim feedback to see what tenants are saying in their own words. When linked to automated workflows, you can route this feedback directly to the people and departments who can act or create email alerts to flag up areas of concern. You can even set up tailored automated email/SMS responses based on the feedback provided.   

When it comes to compliance and reporting, the data you collect can be easily viewed directly via the MSCV platform or output to Excel or other reporting platforms such as Microsoft Power BI (Additional development may be required/other reporting platforms can be integrated (e.g. Qlik)) 

How mhs homes benefited from Microsoft Customer Voice with TSG’s support 

mhs homes needed to ensure it was maintaining a strong standard of practice with tenant satisfaction surveys and aid regulatory compliance, due to be introduced in 2023.  

Not only did Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice present the ideal solution for mhs homes in terms of its capabilities, but it also meant the housing association was getting the most out of their M365 license investment. The proposed solution included using additional Microsoft tools such as Dataverse as a storage solution. MSCV helped to provide mhs homes with survey automation, CRM integrations and automated records. 

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