Microsoft Inspire: An inspiring first keynote

So, here goes with a quick blog post from the first keynote session at Microsoft Inspire – as promised.

There was a huge amount to take in and the session only lasted 1.5 hours.

It was good to hear Satya Nadella say that digital transformation is not a linear process – something we’ve been trying to make clear at our Futuretech events.

It was interesting that he talked about a new technology paradigm with multi-device and multi-input as I was typing my notes in OneNote linked of course to the Office 365 cloud, and taking photos with my phone and dropping them into OneNote too.

They showed a video of interviews with CEOs talking about their priorities – culture, agility, collaboration, innovation and community.

The CEO of Spanx said, “If nobody told you how to do your job, how would you do it?” A message all about empowering people and certainly something for everyone to think about.

There were, of course, a number of demos which I’ll tackle in further blogs but it was encouraging to see some stuff that we’ve already covered in webinars – although the presenter wasn’t a grumpy bloke from Bishop Auckland!

As you’d expect, there was the announcement of Microsoft 365 which brings everything together for large and small businesses alike – again more to follow.

As a quick sign off, I’ll leave you with 4 words from Satya: creativity, teamwork, simplicity and security.

My fellow delegate, and TSG Applications Partner Manager, Steven Osprey and I recorded a quick video summing up our thoughts from this first keynote.