Myths, Legends and Eureka Moments

This event will change your perspective on using technology to maximise your business opportunities

‘Myths, Legends and Eureka Moments’ is an unmissable event focussed on the game changing developments coming to the technology industry this year.

Synopsis of the event

With thought leaders and experts from TSG, Microsoft and Sophos, we will aim to bring you fully up to speed on how your business can take advantage of new technology, both now and in the future, bust some of the myths out there about cost, choice in the marketplace and risk, and also provide you with information that will inform not only your IT plans, but your overall business strategy.

All businesses are people businesses, but now more than ever companies need to ensure that the way their people work together is at its most effective – and that everybody is sitting on the same bus, facing the same way, and heading in the same direction.

We’ll be taking guests on an exclusive journey into some mind-blowing collaboration tools and performing some interactive activities that will really get your cogs going.

Last but certainly not least, it seems like we don’t have a week whereby the news doesn’t have a story of some sort of security outbreak or data leak.  So, we’ll be scaring the pants off you by taking you into the seedy world of IT Security, but then allaying your fears with some practical examples of how your business can best protect itself. 

This is a riveting and entertaining session led by James Lyne, Director of Technology Strategy at Sophos, and shouldn’t be missed by any account.

Breakdown of the sessions

10:00 Session 1: The Pace of Change – How and why these dramatic changes are happening and giving your business a competitive edge.  Includes an update on what Microsoft are up to and a practical demonstration of Lync, a powerful engagement tool which, accessible from anywhere, transforms communications.

11:00 Session 2:  The age of collaboration.  A look at new and exclusive tools to engage your staff.  Includes a journey into how SharePoint 2013 can hugely benefit your business, regardless of size or industry.

12:00 Session 3 – IT Security: Scaring the pants off you to allay your fears

We would also like to extend an invite to join us for a delicious lunch where you can have an open an honest discussion with our speakers, and of course join the conversation with like minded businesses.

Why should you attend?  Take a look at this short video of our Chief Technology Officer Steve Cox and our Sales Director Jim Henderson who will explain why this is an event you simply can’t afford to miss:

This event is free to attend and includes refreshments and a delicious lunch


‘…see a world in a grain of sand …hold infinity in the palm of your hand…’ William Blake, 1803

Speaker Profiles

James Lyne

Director of Technology Strategy for Sophos, James’ background is as a mathematician with a strong focus on cryptography.

James is focused on the 5-year technology strategy at Sophos, a company which is leading the way with a different approach to IT security—‘complete security, without complexity ’ – and has worked  with some of the world’s largest and most paranoid enterprises to implement risk-oriented security strategies.

With a collection of academic awards and industry certifications James also works with educational bodies to improve awareness, which is the most important component of security.

See a video of James in action here  

Steve Cox

Chief Technology Officer of leading IT services company TSG, Steve’s primary focus is identifying future technology solutions.

Prior to joining TSG in 2009, Steve spent five years getting to grips with the very different challenge of applying technology solutions within SMEs for a London-based reseller and IT services company, where he took on both operational responsibility and drove strategic direction.

Now, in his role at TSG, he’s translating what he learned working at an enterprise level in a corporate environment for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses. 

Myths, Legends and Eureka Moments

Type of event? TSG near you

Who should attend? MD’s, FD’s, SD’s

Why attend the event? This event will change your perspective on using technology to maximise your business opportunities

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