New home for TSG Blog

We have just launched our TSG blog, also known as ‘Don’t Get Blogged Down by Technology’ onto our website.  An irreverent and jargon free look at anything and everything in the technology world, we previously hosted all our blog posts on a separate wordpress site.  Now, we have moved everything across and the blog is now a firm resident on

We will still be bringing you a whole host of regular posts about technology impacting on life, people, the future and pretty much anything else we can think of.  We have extra sections so you can get to know more about our bloggers and the expertise that they have to offer, with a great many more bloggers getting involved on a regular basis.

Please take a look at the new and improved ‘Don’t Get Blogged Down by Technology’ and feel free to sign up to receive alerts of new blog posts (we post very regularly). Recent ones include hacked toilets, the weird and wonderful world of Microsoft’s living quarters and a comparison of technology in the pub – it’s all fun and games but with some sort of technology message hidden under there somewhere.

A massive thanks to everyone who has got involved so far – keep following, keep liking, keep commenting and we hope to keep both enlightened and entertained.