Our experts can’t work magic… but with Office 365 they sure come close.

Wouldn’t it be great if you came into work one day and someone handed you a kit with all the tools you needed to increase your productivity and performance? Sounds too good to be true? Actually, it may be more believable than you think, and, in fact, those tools could already be right under your nose.

You most likely have the basics of Office 365 nailed down and your staff is comfortable using both cloud and on-premise versions of Word, Excel and so on; it would be easy to stop there. But why not get the full value out of the tools you have right at your fingertips?

We understand it can be daunting to get started with applications you may not have used before and seeing all the shiny new application icons in your dashboard can be intimidating. But that shouldn’t put you off.

When you look beyond the core applications of Word, PowerPoint and the like, you can begin to understand the possibilities that Office 365 presents to you and the magic that can happen when you utilise the available tools effectively.

Take our customer H. Malone for instance. When faced with the audit of over 2,000 properties on behalf of the Byker Trust, the M&E services contractor enlisted the help of TSG experts to design a bespoke solution based on requirements gathered in a joint workshop. Using the perfect combination of SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow and Power BI, a seamless platform was constructed to securely capture all the relevant data needed to complete the project and cut out the need for manual paper-based processes. The difference in productivity for the company was so significant that they are already planning to utilise the same process for other, similar projects, as part of their ongoing digital transformation strategy. Find out more about this project here.

A paper-less office was also the aim for national utilities connections company, Energetics, who required a solution to replace the manual processes used to provide their field-based staff with the information required to complete their allocated jobs. Previously it could take many days or even weeks for information to flow between the field and office-based staff; errors were common and data re-entry was required into the Microsoft ERP solution.

Again, TSG worked closely with the company to identify requirements and deliver a solution to the problem using the Office 365 tools already at Energetics’ disposal. SharePoint and PowerApps now work in harmony to present the field-based users with their allocated jobs, along with the estimated time and material requirements. On completion of a job, updates from the remote workers will synchronise back to the company’s Dynamics NAV system, greatly reducing the need for manual data re-entry and ultimately increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the process.

One of the best things about the innovative products in the Office 365 suite is their ability to effortlessly improve or even completely replace the tasks or processes that could be taking up a big chunk of your time and productivity, possibly without you realising it.

For instance, Microsoft Teams can be implemented as a primary method for seamlessly collaborating on projects and communicating with your colleagues, rather than trying to keep track of confusing email trails or attempting to organise face-to-face meetings with remote workers.

Additionally, TSG have successfully deployed simple solutions to the housing sector, using similar combinations of Office 365 tools to that of the H. Malone and Energetics projects, to replace manual processes such as Declaration of Interest and handling Board of Governance reporting requirements, which were previously managed by spreadsheets and email communications.

Not sure where you could unlock the most value in your business? Let our experts help.

Office 365 Discovery

At TSG we offer a range of immersive Office 365 programmes for every stage of your digital transformation journey. Office 365 Discovery from TSG is designed to help your business identify and unlock full value from Office 365. Flow, PowerApps and Power BI make enterprise level functionality affordable and achievable. Teams, Planner and OneDrive could transform the way your people work together. The challenge is knowing what’s possible and unlocking the hidden value of the technology.

Check out some of the feedback we’ve received on our Office 365 workshops:

“The Office 365 workshop was extremely valuable, and I learnt a great deal about how to maximise the software not only for our marketing team, but for the business as a whole. I would highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues, and to other organisations using 365 or looking to make the transition.”

– Margot, Marketing, Banking Industry

“I thoroughly recommend TSG’s Office 365 workshop. It has opened my eyes to how powerful and beneficial Office 365 can be working in our company.”

– Paul, IT Manager, Publishing

Think your business could benefit from a Discovery session? Get in touch with our experts to book yours and kick start your Office 365 journey today.