People in technology MATter

The only way you can build great technology is by having great people build it. Steve Jobs (one of my idols) often talked about how important great people are, and his ability to talent spot, coupled with his unwavering focus on achieving a goal, allowed him and his team to change the face of technology.

There have been many highlights over my years in IT, but the best always revolve around people. And our newest addition to Team TSG (or Research and Development Director, as he’s formally known) is one of the good’uns.

Mat Peck was previously head of the SageOne development team and has led the way on numerous ground breaking projects including the development of Protx which eventually became SagePay.

Not only am I delighted to have Mat on board, I’m also delighted that his appointment is a clear commitment by TSG to a future strategy based on leading the way in bringing subscription-based products to the market.

I’m confident that the development of our own products and services will be the key to differentiating ourselves from the competition – templated installations and bolt-on applications that will add value to out-of-the-box vendor solutions.

Mat’s already making a big impact; bringing a completely fresh perspective to the team. He’s also keen to share his thoughts and insights on this blog, so look forward to reading his debut post on how he’s building up our new R & D team in the next couple of days.

It’s also refreshing to know that Mat’s mum approves of his new appointment; apparently her comment after watching the video of our CEO on was, ‘he looks like he’d be a lovely man to work for’!