Sage 200 bug 7527: Allocation date problem when reversing supplier transactions

Some users are reporting that when correcting transactions, the allocation dates on the corrective entry will be given today’s date.

The system-generated reversal will correctly take the date of the original transaction. However the allocation date is set to today’s date (or your computer system date).

This bug has the potential to reverse hundreds of items with the incorrect allocation date.

Sage needs to understand how many customers are affected by this bug, so we need you to check your systems ASAP and let us know immediately whether or not this is affecting your systems.

Please check your systems as a matter of urgency and fill in this form to let us know that you’ve checked, and whether or not this bug is affecting you.

It’s essential that you let us know you’ve actioned this, so please fill in the form if you’ve checked your system and the bug is not affecting you.

If you want to allocate with a specified date you will need to reverse transactions manually by posting the opposite transaction, i.e. a receipt to correct a payment. This of course can be timely, especially if you are correcting a large payment run.