SystemCare247 always has your back

I’m delighted to share the news that our IT support services are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our new SystemCare247.

In this increasingly digital world, we understand that businesses rely on technology more than ever and that system failures or breaches can be catastrophic. IT issues and hackers don’t limit themselves to core business hours, so why should your IT support?

TSG SystemCare’s remote monitoring service has always operated around the clock, monitoring your servers, devices, networks and (critically) your backups at all times. It analyses huge amounts of data in order to maximise uptime. It can fix some small issues with automated scripts, but for larger problems SystemCare would automatically log a ticket for one of our highly-trained engineers to look at.

Say, for example, your systems go down at midnight. SystemCare monitoring would pick up on this and log a ticket for a member of our support team, but it wouldn’t be actioned until 6am. That could have significant ramifications, from preventing your people working all the way to affecting your bottom line.

With SystemCare247, our people would be able to immediately jump on the issue and work to resolve it. This means we can resolve critical system failures whether you’re burning the midnight oil or while you’re asleep. SystemCare247 gives you truly unlimited access to our support staff, so if your working hours are outside of traditional business hours and something goes wrong, our people will always be available to help you. It’s a complete IT support solution.

This move isn’t just beneficial for customers who choose to use SystemCare247. Our 247 support team has already actioned over 1300 support ticket since the start of this financial year (1st April), which represents a huge amount of time and indicates the value the team has already added before its official launch.Thanks to our increased workforce and wider timeframe, we’ll be able to action more of these tickets faster; from the urgent show-stoppers to the non-critical day-to-day work. We’ll also schedule maintenance outside of your working hours, resulting in no disruption to you or your people. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We have defined escalation paths for the out-of-hours cover in SystemCare247 so that we handle both your serious incidents and your day-to-day support queries effectively and efficiently.

Why would you choose SystemCare247?

  • To keep your IT infrastructure running around-the-clock
  • If you’re an international business operating over more than one time zone that needs IT support
  • If your business usually operates outside of core hours – for example if you work in the leisure industry
  • If you have workers who often work outside of traditional hours, like shift workers
  • If, like ours, your senior management team is always switched on and needs access to critical information at all times

Our unique SystemCare offering has always combined proactive monitoring with IT support from real people, giving you the best of both worlds. Our people have been working behind the scenes to implement SystemCare247 for several months, and following a successful pilot, we’ve already got our first SystemCare247 customers signed up! Through this improved service, you can be sure that we’ve got your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.