Tailoring your Sage 200 solution to your business

When you invest in technology, you need to know that you’ll be able to realise a tangible ROI. It should not only be functional, it should solve your business challenges and certainly not create them.

The latest versions of Sage 200, now Sage 200cloud, allow you to save time and increase productivity. You can eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of rekeying bank information thanks to automated Sage Bank Feeds.

Similarly, invoicing has been a pain-point for Sage 200 users in the past. Users can now speed up this essential financial process and save more valuable time, increasing productivity, with the standalone invoicing module. This allows users to create invoices and credit notes with or without a despatch process.

The 4 out of 5 Sage 200 customers that identified difficulties with exporting to Excel and manually manipulating data (Sage) can be sure of a better user experience with one-click Excel exporting. Sage says of its solution, “We continually update [Sage 200cloud] with the latest technology to bring you the freedom to work how and when you want… and propel your business to the next level.” Sage 200cloud has the added bonus of being Making Tax Digital (MTD)-enabled and GDPR-ready.

The challenges your business faces go beyond the simple use of your finance system; chances are, you face a lot of sector-specific challenges. Manufacturers and those in the construction industry face the additional challenge of job costings, which can be taken care of with Sage 200cloud’s manufacturing module. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your system further with add-ons tailored to your business’ requirements.

You might have specific requirements around recording and managing your fixed assets. You could use the Fixed Assets register native in your Sage 200cloud solution, but it may not fully meet your needs. That’s where an add-on like Sicon’s Fixed Assets module can come in handy; this enables users to hold a lot more information about each asset including which employee has been assigned the equipment, a history of maintenance costs, a depreciation forecast and more.

Perhaps you want to take control of the changes being made in your Sage 200 system to act quickly on them, be aware of bank detail changes or even ensure your data is accurate. The fully-integrated Audit Log module from Sicon is designed to track field-level changes to core financial modules, sales and purchase order processing modules, giving you complete control over your data.

We’re hosting a joint webinar with Sicon to demonstrate how you can improve your business processes and take control of your assets and data by utilising powerful Sage 200 add-on modules. You can sign up on our webinar page and either attend the full webinar, which includes demos of a number of modules, or tune in and out for the areas that are most useful to you.

You can also find out more about the benefits of Sage 200cloud or get in touch to discuss getting the most out of your Sage 200 solution with TSG’s highly-qualified experts.