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Claire Harrison

Claire Harrison

Customer Success Manager

What is your role here at TSG & how do you support our customers?

I work as a Customer Success Manager here at TSG. My customers vary within the sector I manage which is Retail, Wholesale and Distribution.

My role as CSM is to work proactively with my customers via regular QBRs, RoadMapping sessions, emails and calls ensuring they are receiving the tools and support needed to meet their business goals making them as successful as possible, which in turn will make them lifelong partners of TSG.

The customer’s success is our success, I need to have a deep understanding of their businesses making sure we/TSG are aligned with their strategic objectives, always be an advocate for my customer, their biggest cheerleader working with them at every step of their journey

Tell us a little bit about your professional work history and the most important things you learned about building strong partnerships with customers

On leaving college I worked in Europe for three years on campsites as a rep (Eurocamp/Haven), it was fun, and an eye opener, I got to meet all different kinds of people from all different cultures. Following that I then joined the Inland Revenue (HMRC) working at Longbenton, I spent 6 years there on Self Employed and Pensions departments.

Then, not really knowing where I wanted to head next but knowing I loved customer services, I spent one year at British Airways in their Scotswood call centre, firstly as part of sales and then I moved onto the Customer complaints team which is where I was more suited.

In April 2006, I joined TSG after seeing the vacancy in the evening chronicle, I started in the role of Support Coordinator logging calls on the phone and scheduling the support team engineers out on site.

After a year I became a Technical Project Coordinator where I spent the next 10 years, in both these roles it was fast past, think outside the box environment, but it was so satisfying and I thoroughly enjoyed both roles, communication was so important and being good at it was vital. I learned so much about TSG and the tech world but also that customers just want a good service delivered by good, honest people.

In 2017 I joined the Customer Care Team where I managed licenses, contract renewals and all kinds of other day to day customer issues.

Then I decided to apply for the CSM role – the thought of having my own customer base, working with them and their businesses, building up long lasting healthy relationships sounded so appealing to me. It’s challenging, it changes sometimes but ultimately the focus we not give on a one on one basis to our customers brings so much value to them and us, from where I was to now, speaking with some customers at C suite level is so natural that often its like speaking with a friend. The role is so enjoyable and rewarding to know that I am helping the customer on their business transformation journey.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re logged off from work?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, daughter Martha, partner Chris and stepson Max and we like to walk and have fun, we like to book weekends away and are seriously considering buying a campervan. I do also quite like just sitting reading and chilling out in the garden, exciting I know as well as the odd afternoon out with my sister and fabulous friends who I couldn’t be without.

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