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Kirsty Marsden

Kirsty Marsden

Head of Housing Vertical

What is your role here at TSG & how do you support our customers?

I’m the Head of Housing Vertical and I’m the first point of contact for most new client engagements. I interact in some way with the majority of our housing clients hosting our Lunch & Learn events and ensuring we engage at various levels around technology, use cases and build valued partnership with our clients.

Tell us a little bit about your professional work history and the most important things you learned about building strong partnerships with customers

I have worked in the IT industry for nearly thirty years working at my parents’ business before we were acquired by TSG in 2005. I have worked across many sectors but working in housing since 2017 alongside Tony Hughes, leading TSG’s growth in the sector has been a career highlight.

I am passionate about the work we do in the sector, the strong partnerships we build and how we are using Microsoft technologies to make a real difference to both internal staff and tenants. In today’s modern world of IT and automation, people still want to deal with people they trust and can build relationships/partnerships with.

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