The Byte Before Christmas

Santa had spent ages getting all the right gifts
He even used CRM to streamline his list
He did it all on his new laptop computer
He’d just got it installed, along with the router
Satisfied with his work, he clicked on ‘export’
And decided to have another swig of port
By that point however he wasn’t seeing straight
He could barely stand up, let alone articulate
He raised what was admittedly his ninth glass
Followed immediately by the inevitable crash
Port everywhere, all over his laptop
His router was soaked, as was his tablet
Santa looked at his elves in despair
“Which of you have the skills to repair?”
But despite Santa’s pleading and emphatic cries
None of the elves were certified

Then one of the elves (Dave he was named)
“I know what to do!” he exclaimed
Ring this company – they’re called TSG
They’ll be able to fix your PC
‘That sounds great’ Santa garbled
Will they be here before midnight? He marvelled

And so Dave called TSG’s hotline
‘We need support now – we’re out of time!’
“I’m sure we’ll be able to lend you a hand”
“But Santa’s spilt port all over Lapland!”
“That’s a pickle, I’m not going to lie…
But we’re nothing if we don’t give it a try”

TSG sent out one of their awesome engineers
Who were then ushered in by Santa’s reindeers
The laptop was unfortunately beyond fixing
But that didn’t stop TSG’s thinking
I know you feel like you’re all out of luck
But don’t worry Santa, we’ve got a backup.”
Merry Christmas all, and a happy new year
TSG wishes you lots of festive cheer