The importance of connectivity: What businesses need to know

In this week’s interview [watch interview #1 and interview #2 here] we ask Richard Tang, CEO of ZEN Internet: why is connectivity so important for businesses?

ZEN is an award-winning, people-centric business that has seen exponential growth in its space. With over 100,000 customers across the UK. ZEN services small businesses and FTSE 100 organisations alike.

The negative impact on loss of connectivity now vs 20 years ago is very different according to Richard. Back in the mid-90s it would mean a blip in usage but no big deal. Today, businesses are so reliant on powerful, reliable connectivity to keep their business running that an outage or downtime can become a big issue.

An organisation using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services such as a call centre wouldn’t be able to make calls. Some ZEN customers have hundreds of their office sites on the VPN (Virtual Private Network) who need to order stock, pay employees and carry on with business as usual, something that can’t be accomplished without reliable connectivity.

Another big driver for strong connectivity is the move to the cloud. ZEN’s business is booming because of the cloud and its exponential growth, Richard believes that this is due to the benefits of cloud to ZEN’s customers. Organisations don’t want to worry about server rooms or look after patching, upgrading and server capacity. They want to pay a monthly fee and as they scale up or down customers are able to pay for what they need and there’s no limit – as Richard puts it – turn the dial up or down and just pay for what’s needed.

ZEN has a huge responsibility to make its infrastructure rock solid. Watch the video below to find out Richard’s take on enterprise-level connectivity for businesses of all sizes.