Total Secrecy Guaranteed: Introducing the TSG RnD team

We are very excited today to officially release our new short film, ‘Total Secrecy Guaranteed’.

This movie gives you the chance to go behind the doors of our Research and Development team. They’re bringing to the IT world some very impressive stuff indeed, and they have a real focus on quality and innovation. There’s also a very unique culture within this department, which this film aims to bring to life.

Total Secrecy Guaranteed is lighthearted and somewhat tongue in cheek, but represents the very different approach which our R & D team are taking in order to build some truly awesome products for our customers. TSG Tribe – our membership solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – is referenced within the movie, but there are more exciting products to come.

Without further ado, please visit RnD and enjoy the show. You also have the option to watch it with audio commentary from the TSG team who came up with this concept, and a fun ‘behind the scenes’ featurette which will introduce you to the actual R & D team.