TSG announces partnership with customer experience experts Rant & Rave

In a bid to improve customer experience even further, TSG has appointed Rant & Rave as our Voice of the Customer (VoC) partner.

Through Rant & Rave, TSG will be able to effectively measure how our customers find working with us and use their feedback to improve our customer service. Rant & Rave is the leader in real-time customer engagement, and the appointment shows TSG’s commitment to delivering a first-class customer experience.

We’ll be using Rant & Rave to monitor customer feedback and emotion at each touchpoint of their journey with TSG from the initial sales process to project delivery and day-to-day support. Our support team in particular will have access to Rant & Rave Frontline, which will help the team understand their own performance, identify issues and empower colleagues to make a difference.

Our CEO David Stonehouse said of the partnership: “Rant & Rave allows us to effectively measure customer satisfaction and pinpoint the action we must take to provide the ideal customer experience.

“We’re committed to delivering exceptional customer service, whether that means installing a new laptop, delivering a complex cloud migration or implementing an entire finance system for a business. With Rant & Rave’s solutions embedded into our team, we’ll be confident that we’re delivering on that commitment.”

The initiative to improve customer service even further has been driven by the appointment of Director of Business Transformation, Rory McKeand. As part of TSG’s digital transformation efforts, all internal processes are under review, the business is upgrading its CRM system to Dynamics 365 and customer experience is at the top of the agenda.

Rory comments: “What sets TSG apart is our sincere ambition to make every interaction a positive experience. This starts with listening to our customers with the sole purpose of understanding what they need.

“Many companies survey their customers with the desire to create marketing material, prop up bonus schemes or validate internal perceptions. TSG will be surveying our customers with the desire to understand what you value and to see how we can improve our services, full stop.”

You can read more of Rory’s thoughts in his blog and find out about his background in the interview we did with him when he joined TSG.