TSG announces round-the-clock support with SystemCare247

TSG is delighted to announce that our new round-the-clock IT support service is now available: SystemCare247.

Under SystemCare247, customers will have access to TSG’s highly-qualified support staff remotely anytime, anywhere. This move sees TSG’s flagship support service increase from 6am-8pm, with the additional option of weekend support, to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This move will not only benefit customers who opt for SystemCare247, but all customers who pay for IT support. As part of this new and improved package, TSG will carry out maintenance work outside of core business hours and action lower-priority tickets during this time.

With over 1225 tickets logged and completed since 1st April, it’s clear to see the benefit SystemCare247 will bring to all TSG customers. SystemCare247 will allow TSG’s expansive support team to focus on high-priority tickets during the day, ensuring all support queries will be resolved faster.

TSG’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Burns said of the improved offering: “Businesses are so reliant on technology now. If it fails, you need a solution immediately to avoid, or at least minimise, downtime.

“The concept of anytime, anywhere is a real driving force in business at the moment thanks to cloud services. We’ve extended this to our support to make sure our customers are always covered. If you choose SystemCare247, you’ll have remote access to our support desk around the clock.

“We know that this will benefit our non-247 customers too, because we’ll be able to schedule in routine maintenance or address their tickets out of hours, resulting in a more efficient service across the board.”

Why would you choose SystemCare247?

  • You have people who work out of hours – for example if you’re in the leisure industry or you have shift workers
  • Your managers have an ‘always-on’ attitude and need access to critical information around the clock
  • Your business is international and operates over multiple time zones
  • To keep your IT infrastructure running around-the-clock

Find out more about SystemCare247.