TSG Interviews Richard Tang CEO of ZEN Internet [VIDEO]

The growth and evolution of ZEN and your own journey

This blog is the first in a series of interviews with ZEN Internet’s CEO Richard Tang. The series will explore how the connectivity landscape has evolved up to this point and what connectivity means to businesses in the future.

Zen is one of the UKs leading, people centric, internet service providers. Powering over 100,000 customers across the UK, ZEN understand that a reliable service paired with unparalleled customer satisfaction is what makes their business unique.

Founded in 1995 (22 years ago!) ZEN’s market and customer base was the ‘geeky’ home user. This evolved to include a strong business audience in the late 90s as organisations started to realise the power of the internet. This propelled even further in the year 2000 when ADSL broadband was invented giving people online access 24/7 – a huge step forward resulting in exponential growth for ZEN.

ZEN is TSG’s chosen internet services provider, to find out how your business could benefit from enterprise-grade connectivity speak with our experts today.

In this interview Richard talks about the challenges ZEN has faced, the threats to businesses that aren’t adopting modern technologies and how his role within ZEN has changed beyond recognition.