TSG launches security webinar as it's announced 54% of UK companies have been hit by Ransomware virus

Technology Services Group has announced a new webinar series aimed at UK companies who are looking to protect their IT infrastructure. It has been recently announced that 54% of UK companies have been hit by the rapidly growing and vicious Ransomware virus. In addition to this around 58% of these companies pay the ‘ransom’ money to get their data back.

Ransomware is a malicious cyber-attack that removes a user’s access to vital business files. Once an attack is launched, usually via opening an innocent looking email attachment, it can’t be reversed.

These ‘ransom’ payments could cost UK businesses millions of pounds, and when the ransom is paid there is no guarantee that data files will be restored.

These webinars will show audiences how you can protect your business against these attacks.

CTO of TSG Paul Burns commented “We’ve seen an increased number of businesses approach us who have been hit by these attacks and need to improve protection of their IT systems moving forward. These Ransomware strains are becoming more evolved and that is where we need to educate users about what can be done to prevent these attacks from ever taking place.”

If you’d like to book a place on TSG’s Sophos security: Intercept X webinar please CLICK HERE.

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