TSG works with BDA to deliver masterclass cybersecurity webinar

TSG has worked with the BDA (Board Development Agency) to deliver a masterclass webinar to a selection of housing association Board members about the growing importance of cybersecurity. The topic covered various cyber perspectives and the differences between the ‘perceived’ cybersecurity gap and the ‘actual’ gap. It equipped Board members with insights, knowledge and expertise that they can now use to improve cyber governance, risk and overall compliance position.

The BDA works to transform the housing sector through its team of specialists in leadership, governance, finance, risk, value for money, performance, training, and management. The BDA helps organisations meet today’s challenges from coronavirus to regulation.

TSG donated the time and resource for this presentation through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative and demonstrates its firm and continued commitment to housing associations through an exclusive and dedicated housing team. TSG’s housing team is supported by a further 250 expert cyber and cloud computing experts.

As part of this collaboration, TSG and the BDA also took the opportunity to donate to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.

Alice Pearce, Director of BDA remarked, “It was great working with Rob, he delivered a very engaging enlightening and professional training session. We seek to work with experts in every sector to support our clients’ Board members, and Rob’s session was exactly this. It had the added value of supporting Shelter through TSG’s Corporate Social Value”.

Rob Fletcher, Housing Sector Solutions Lead, from TSG commented, “It was great fun preparing and delivering this cybersecurity webinar and I hope we can do more of this with the BDA in the future as part of our commitment to corporate social value”.

If you would like to talk to the BDA about accessing this webinar, the full back catalogue of webinars or forward schedule then please contact Alice Pearce at alicepearce@boardagency.org.uk

Contact Rob Fletcher at rob.fletcher@tsg.com to learn more about TSG’s extensive range of cybersecurity services.