TSG's digital Easter egg hunt!

We’re getting into the Easter spirit here at TSG. Following on from our blog fest on Cheltenham we’re now well and truly in the sporting mood, so we thought to celebrate Easter we’d create a bit of a hunt! We’ve hidden four purple (obviously) Easter eggs around TSG.com for our readers to discover. **Please note this competition is now closed**

Hop about our website to find one of our hidden Easter eggs and you’ll be entered into our prize draw for a chance to win a chocolate hamper. All you need to do is find one of our hidden eggs, click on it, then type in your email address and tell us which page you found the egg on to be entered.

Of course, we’re not the type of folk to make these things too difficult so we’ve left you a few clues – take me to the clues page!!

Cracking customers, spectacular eggsperts and sweet technologies deliciously deployed.

Speaking of Easter eggs…

We can’t write about Easter eggs without dropping in Easter eggs in tech. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, an ‘Easter egg’ in technology terms is an inside joke or something hidden within software or more likely a computer game.

Movies also have these ‘Easter eggs’. For example, in the movie Catch Me If You Can, based on a true story, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a young Frank Abignale, a skilful cheque forger. When Frank is finally arrested it’s actually the real-life Frank Abignale who arrests him.

So we though why not have a bit of fun and put a spotlight on the search engine that loves a good Easter egg.

Google’s sneaky sense of humour

Google has placed a number of hidden Easter eggs over the years. Try searching the word ‘askew’ into your Google search bar the results are slightly… as you guessed, askew.

If you fancy a little time out from the day job search, ‘solitaire’ for a quick game, or if you’re more of a tic tac toe fan then you guessed it – give it a search!

For those tricky decisions Google has got your back – search ‘flip a coin’ for a digital coin toss.

Though my favourite trick by far was April Fools Day 2011, when Google decided that all search results shown for someone searching ‘Helvetica’ were all displayed in the Comic Sans font.  That’s one way to upset 90% of the UK population.  

And finally, if you fancy seeing a little wacky trick try searching ‘do a barrel roll’!