What's next for Microsoft in social housing?

Despite the current circumstances, the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 continues to prevail in the housing sector. If anything, we’ve seen customers take it up a gear, eager to utilise the tools they have at their disposal to make the best out of a bad situation.

Not only have these technologies helped organisations transition to a new way of working, in many cases in a very short time frame, they’re also delivering great results and many businesses wish they’d started their Microsoft journeys sooner.

With most social housing providers having previously completed their migrations of email to the cloud, many are now turning their attention to utilising the other elements of Office 365, most notably the Power Platform and Microsoft Teams. To say we’re overjoyed at the enthusiasm the sector is showing to learn and develop with these technologies is an understatement.

But the Microsoft 365 journey doesn’t stop there. We’re now seeing the platform offer true artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise the way social housing providers work.

If you attended the Housing Technology Conference earlier this year (although it now seems a lifetime ago) you may have joined us for our presentation; looking towards the future of Office 365 and the exciting new features set to supercharge the application suite.

Although the world may look considerably different to how it did when we initially presented this content, we think it’s more important than ever that housing associations don’t lose their ambition and focus on deciding ‘what’s next?’.

That’s why we’ve ‘embarked’ on a virtual re-run of our space-age Housing Technology presentation, bringing it up to date to address the new world we find ourselves in and giving you the opportunity to spark ideas for the next steps on your Microsoft journey.

Whether you watched the presentation at the conference and want to revisit some of the topics we discussed, or if this is your first time, welcome aboard – we’re confident that you’ll find this to be an interesting session.

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