Windows 10 Reaches End of Support on 14th October 2025: What this means to your organisation

When Windows 10 reaches its end of life it means that Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, software updates, security updates, or fixes for it.

What does this mean for my organisation?

Simply put, your organisation will now be vulnerable to:

  • Security Risks: Without regular security updates, systems running Windows 10 will become more vulnerable to malware and cyber-attacks.
  • Compliance Issues: Continuing to use an unsupported operating system may lead to non-compliance with industry regulations, which can result in penalties. For example, your organisation would not be able to achieve or retain Cyber Essentials.
  • Software Incompatibility: New applications and software (including upgrades) may not be compatible with Windows 10, leading to potential issues with functionality.
  • Increased Costs: There may be additional costs associated with maintaining an outdated system, such as increased support costs or the need for additional security measures.
  • Reputation Damage: Security breaches or compliance failures can damage an organisation’s reputation.

It’s important to plan for an upgrade to a supported operating system, like Windows 11, to avoid these risks and ensure continued protection and compliance.

Benefits of upgrading to Windows 11

Outside of mitigating financial and security risks, upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 offers several benefits, including a refreshed interface with a more modern look and feel, improved performance and efficiency, enhanced security features, and better support for the latest hardware advancements.

Windows 11 is designed to be more user-friendly, especially for touch-based devices, and it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 services. Additionally, it offers new productivity tools and a more streamlined approach to multitasking with features like Snap Layouts and Virtual Desktops.

What can I do now?

TSG is working with many clients to upgrade 1,000’s of devices ahead of 14th October 2025. To ensure your organisation is well-prepped, we advise getting in touch with your client success representative soon to organise your upgrade in good time.