Winn Win for TSG

Recent contract wins totalling around £1m in turnover are helping IT services company TSG continue to lead the way in the North East IT industry.

One such contract is with Newcastle based Winn Solicitors, the leading specialists in accident claims and accident compensation.

Mark Joynson, TSG’s North East Managing Director, said “The recent success in bringing in new business for the company comes at a really exciting time for TSG as we continue to grow. To be chosen as Winn’s technology experts is a huge accolade considering the critical nature of IT to the daily operation and continuing success of their business”.

Winn Solicitors operate a call centre environment handling a high volume of calls. It’s all driven by information that is captured and retrieved on a live system, so downtime or ‘outage’ would have a disastrous impact.

Jeff Winn, Managing Director at Winn Solicitors explains, “The implication of even the briefest ‘outage’ is very definitely a disaster and the costs involved are both unthinkable and unacceptable. We undertook an in-depth cost benefit analysis and determined that investment in the most robust and sophisticated IT solution would pay back in a matter of hours.”

“We selected TSG as the ideal partner to work with on the basis of their understanding of our business and the fact that they can offer a full suite of capabilities to ensure that everything works seamlessly without interruption.”

TSG’s solution is built around a full hardware replication across two sites, complete redundancy and two 1 gigabyte leased line links, sourced through two separate suppliers.

Crucially, the leased lines are entirely separate from the business’s other connectivity requirements in order that traffic levels never compromise the integrity of these dedicated connections.

TSG’s National Technical Director, Paul Burns points out, “Like many businesses, Winn Solicitors have re-evaluated what is an acceptable recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). The result is that an increasing number are looking to real-time solutions and the traditional daily back-up routine is no longer sufficient.”

“Virtualisation, huge amounts of bandwidth and other advances in technology and telecoms have made replication and high availability solutions far more achievable.”

TSG’s Joynson added, “The key for anyone aiming to tackle the challenge of business continuity is to take a considered view. Businesses are faced with an increasing range of choices in terms of the technologies available to them and investing in the right solutions is critical.”

With its headquarters in Newcastle, TSG was formed 10 years ago and now has 12 offices around the country.

The North East branches have also picked up some impressive contracts on top of the Winn Solicitors job boasting the likes of The Labour Party, Owen Pugh, and Nomad Digital.

As a leading supplier of Microsoft software, TSG holds five Microsoft Gold Competencies and this news will certainly enhance TSG’s vision to become the number one IT service and solutions partner for UK SMEs.