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Experience and trust built over decades puts our people completely in tune with the challenges businesses face across the widest spectrum of industries.

It’s also reassuring to know that the people who work on your project or provide your support all live, breathe, eat, drink and sleep technology.
Most important is their sheer tenacity and endless appetite for problem solving.


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Whatever is on your ‘if only we had something to…….’ business wishlist, the chances are that Microsoft SharePoint – or rather one of our skilled and experiencedSharePoint professionals – could help.

Quality management is an issue for businesses and organisations of all sizes. The document control system built on Microsoft SharePoint by TSG for the Outward Bound Trust has been instrumental in them gaining ISO 9001 accreditation.
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TSG Customer: Outward Bound Trust

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improve customer service, create operational efficiency, grow profitability and manage risk

From the applications and connectivity that drive your business to the infrastructure – physical and virtual – that underpins it, find out more about how we can take care of your whole world of technology.

From Dinosaur to Dynamic

As expectations continue to grow, find out how replacing ageing equipment and legacy systems with modern technology solutions could transform the way your people work.

Used to best effect Microsoft Dynamics CRM will ensure sales, marketing and customer services are all on the same page throughout the entire customer journey – end-to-end.
Watch the videos to find out how.

“Since the deployment of Dynamics CRM 2013 and its link with Dynamics NAV, the business is more productive in terms of building customer relationships. Ultimately, staff have been empowered to engage with customers more confidently and make informed decisions based on real- time intelligence. Although it’s still early days for everyone using the new CRM system, we can already see a greater transparency of information and we’ve been able to get a greater extraction of forecasting and marketing information.”
Sally Woodhall, Plastribution.
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“The project has fulfilled all our objectives. It has allowed us to collate previously disparate information into one place that is now visible by everyone, thus facilitating transparency across all processes. We can tweak and add to the system without using additional resources, and the actual use of the system has allowed staff to develop and implement new skills. When considering new business developments or procedures, everyone’s first thought is now ‘can we do this on CRM’, and the answer is usually ‘yes’.”
Rowena Harrison, One Awards.
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