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Proactive Support

Working in the background to protect your business

“We have built a very strong relationship with TSG and absolutely trust their technical expertise to support us.”

- Lesley-Jean, Business Manager, Construction & Engineering

By adding TSG SystemCare's Proactive Service, you’ll benefit from the support of a dedicated and experienced professional who will work with you to create and implement a roadmap for the maintenance of your system, ensuring that there are no hidden surprises waiting around the corner.

With TSG's IT support service SystemCare, you’re safe in the knowledge that any immediate and current issues that could impact on your IT environment are being taken care of.

Proactive Service allows you to get the most from your IT investment and maximise system uptime:

  • Managing update and upgrade schedules

  • Rolling out service packs

  • 25-point server check

  • Undertaking essential housekeeping

It’s also reassuring to know that you’ll benefit from regular half-day site visits from a dedicated specialist – a familiar face who understands your business and your system – who will help you to manage your IT assets and can also offer advice and guidance on planning, strategy, policy and training requirements.

Proactive support for applications

  • SQL database optimisation

  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Workflow maintenance

  • Database file size check

  • Development environments

  • Knowledge transfer