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TSG ProjectCare

Enterprise delivery for all projects

“I was proactively kept informed of every single part of the project. After we had agreed the plan we were able to follow it and deliver the project on time with lots of effort from our internal team and support from TSG.”

- Lesley-Jean, Business Manager, Construction & Engineering

First Class Delivery 

Bringing together a highly qualified team, clear and consistent methodology and the best tools available, TSG ProjectCare ensures enterprise level delivery for all projects.

Transparency and accountability are central principles in ensuring all those involved in a project are perfectly placed to take the ownership and control required for successful outcomes.

A dedicated point of contact, regular reporting and collaboration tools ensure everyone is fully informed and potential challenges are identified and rectified quickly and effectively.

Above all, our aim is to build trust across the whole project team on every project.

TSG ProjectCare Overview

  • Control 

    • Clear and unambiguous scope agreed by all sides
    • Early warning of deviation from the plan
    • Clear roles and ownership on both sides
    • Customer central to decision-making
  • People 

    • Highly qualified and certified project professionals
    • First class tools and methodology
    • Appropriately aligned resources
    • Clear escalation & access to senior team
  • Reporting 

    • Clear project plan, regularly updated and shared across the team
    • Ongoing tracking of risks and issues
    • Project portal for complex projects
    • Weekly highlights report


  • Tools 

    • Defined scoping and design process to ensure clarity
    • Detailed planning, tracking logs and analysis
    • Collaboration and access to project documents through the project portal

“It was a huge project (we were testing 280 separate items at one stage!) and it affected every part of our business. But everything went very smoothly and that’s thanks to TSG’s meticulous planning and sheer depth of knowledge - I can’t praise TSG’s project team highly enough.”

Lesley-Jean, Business Manager, Construction & Engineering

Clearly defined processes and documentation

Even the simplest project, such as an email migration, requires governance and control to ensure success.

By establishing clear processes and documentation from the outset, TSG ProjectCare provides assurances at all stages from kick off and scoping through to user acceptance, handover and ongoing support.

For more complex projects, the Project Kick Off Document helps to clarify our objectives, confirm the high-level scope, establish how we will run the project and identify any risks and issues.

We also take the view that the success of any project is effectively measured by user adoption which is why service transition is so critical.

TSG ProjectCare Documentation & Processes

  • Documentation 

    • Project Kick Off Document
    • Project Delivery Document (small projects)
    • Project scope
    • Project plan & logs
    • Regular highlight reports
    • Test plan
    • Defect tracker
    • Service transition and deployment plans
    • Support documentation
    • Lessons learned document
  • Processes

    • Introductory call
    • Internal kick off meeting
    • External kick off meeting
    • Regular project team calls and reporting
    • Scope and Project Kick Off Document sign off
    • Test planning meeting
    • User acceptance testing (UAT)
    • Customer readiness meeting
    • Customer sign off
    • Go-live and service transition
    • Post go-live support and update call
    • Customer project review

Working Together Effectively

Teamwork underpins any successful project and that requires effective communication and a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities on both sides. 

TSG ProjectCare creates a bridge between our project professionals, who understand technology, and your team, who understand how your business operates.

The TSG ProjectCare portal provides ongoing visibility and a collaborative workspace for all involved to share documents, participate in conversations and manage tasks via a Kanban board.

We’re confident that by working together with transparency and integrity we can maximise the outcomes of your project.