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Expenses solution for Curo

The company

Curo is a housing association and house-builder based in Bath, with a mission to provide great homes, support communities and improve the lives of its tenants.

As one of the largest landlords in the south west, Curo provides services to over 25,000 customers across more than 13,000 homes, with this number increasing year-on-year as part of a long-term development and land acquisition programme.

The company's diverse portfolio of affordable and market rented homes, in addition to award-winning support services and ongoing investment in neighbourhood services, all contribute to creating thriving communities where people want to live and work.

The challenge

Curo came to TSG with the aim of overhauling its employee expenses process. The company needed a mobile solution to meet the needs of its 500+ employees, many of whom work remotely and often without access to a desktop or laptop computer.

TSG was selected to design and implement a solution using the state-of-the-art Office 365 package, which team TSG had previously deployed for Curo. The planned solution would improve the expenses process end-to-end, streamlining the submission, approval and management of employee expenses claims.

The solution

A joint workshop clarified Curo's requirements and a design reflecting the final solution was subsequently produced by TSG.

After getting the go-ahead from Curo Group, the SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow and Power BI applications from the Office 365 suite were combined to create a user-friendly solution to digitise the multiple stages of the expenses process.

SharePoint lists were the perfect storage point for all expenses data, including expense categories, expense submissions and user permissions, due to the platform being encased in Microsoft’s enterprise-level security and compliance. The SharePoint platform was also utilised to host the portal, which desktop and laptop users would access to submit their claims and managers would use to process the expense claims.

Taking mobility into consideration, an additional expenses solution interface was built using PowerApps to allow remote and mobile workers to submit their claims.

TSG connected and automated the necessary elements for manager approval, claimant notification and re-submission processes using smart yet simple workflows in Microsoft Flow.

Being able to identify insights and trends was also a key benefit of digitising the expenses process, so team TSG made this information easily accessible to Curo’s Finance and Senior Management teams by creating an expense analysis dashboard using Power BI. The dashboard is also integrated into relevant Microsoft Teams channels to make the information readily available to those that need it.