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Office 365: Continuous learning

How do you deal with the ad-hoc and specific training your staff requires?

“Having everything in the cloud also means that we now have version control across our operating systems, with everyone in the business using the same version of Microsoft’s various tools – I think for the first time ever!”

- Tim, IT Manager

You and your staff will have ongoing training requirements thanks to Microsoft’s commitment to continually updating Office 365 with innovative apps. But you’ll also no doubt have questions on the functionalities of some of your apps that won’t require an intensive training course.

This is where 365 Cloud Academy comes in. From the simple to the complex, this training suite will be invaluable in getting the most out of Office 365, whatever stage of the journey you’re on.

  • Hundreds of one-minute videos

    Got a specific question or problem with one of your apps? Chances are you’ll find the answer in a bite-sized app-specific video on 365 Cloud Academy

  • Courses organised in many ways

    Undertake a course specific to your job role or at a certain level (Standard, Intermediate and Advanced), so learning paths are focused and relevant

  • Bespoke videos

    If your business uses Office 365 for a specific or unique function, get bespoke, company-branded videos created just for you

  • Classroom training

    If required, one of our experts can come to your business for a half or full day to deliver introductory product-specific training

  • Personal dashboard

    Users have a personal dashboard to keep track of personal and team progress

  • All Office 365 applications covered

    Including current applications and future apps on the roadmap

  • VIP one-to-ones

    Another option is remote, VIP one-to-ones – half-hour sessions over Skype with tailored training for you. Ideal for busy directors!