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Office 365 enablement

When used effectively, Office 365 can demonstrate an ROI of 154%. We'll help you get the most out of your investment

“It was important for us to set out a brief before approaching TSG, cataloguing what we wanted from a new system. We had priorities in terms of must-have functionality, along with the nice-to-haves.”

- Kevin, IT Manager, Importers & Distributors

Office 365 adoption is on the rise largely due to many businesses making the natural shift from Office packages. For some, the move is their first step into the cloud as they move email from on-premise servers.

For the few that have realised the potential in Office 365, the move is about digital transformation. And that’s where we see Office 365; as a key driver of digital transformation.

Complete business transformation won’t happen overnight but rather incrementally. And we’ve got an immersive Office 365 programme for every stage of your digital transformation journey.

Our standard Office 365 training plans

Plan A – Office 365 Discovery

If you’re considering moving to, or if you’ve just moved to, Office 365 and you’re looking to take your first steps, this plan is for you.

TSG’s Office 365 experts will analyse which Office 365 tools will yield the greatest ROI for your business and provide you with a roadmap to help you take the next steps. Interested? Contact us now.

  • Looks at your current use of applications and how you can yield the greatest ROI using Office 365

  • TSG experts undertake a fact-finding mission to understand your business processes and key challenges

  • We provide a report documenting our audit and recommending which Office 365 apps you could deploy where

  • Gives you a roadmap to help you take the next steps with Office 365 so you can continue to maximise investment

Plan B – Digital Workplace Fundamentals

If you’ve moved to Office 365 and you’re looking to leverage your investment and get the most out of it, the Digital Workplace Fundamentals package is perfect for you.

We’ll deliver a tailored programme that will show you how your business can use Office 365 to improve your processes. Interested? Contact us now.

  • TSG experts complete an audit into your business to see how it operates and your high-level strategic goals

  • Introduction to the technologies that underpin Office 365 including Azure, and the licencing structure

  • Overview of innovative collaboration apps including SharePoint, Teams, Planner and OneDrive

  • Follow-up session to assess the success of the proof of concept app and overall training

  • Using a proof of concept example to solve a real business problem

Plan C – SharePoint Fundamentals

Once you’ve moved to Office 365 and you’ve started to get to grips with its most innovative features, you might look to leverage SharePoint. The enterprise-level tool comes free as part of Office 365.

Our SharePoint Fundamentals course will show you how to effectively utilise what we like to call ‘the ultimate collaboration tool’, setting you up with a proof of concept example that will help you solve a real business problem. Interested? Contact us now.

  • An introduction to the power of SharePoint and its inclusion in Office 365

  • Learn how to create sites and use it as a powerful document management solution

  • Set up a proof of concept example that will help solve a genuine business problem

  • Agree a roadmap of your business processes that could reside in SharePoint

Plan D – Office 365 Quickstart: PowerApps and Flow Fundamentals

As an experienced Office 365 user you’ll be utilising some of the lesser-known but more innovative applications; this is where you’ll really start to see the ROI of Office 365. PowerApps, an app builder, and Flow, a workflow automation tool, are two of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Our fundamentals course will show you everything you need to know. Interested? Contact us now. 

  • Introduction to PowerApps and Flow including features, structure and typical uses

  • Using PowerApps with SharePoint Lists and Excel and Flow for notifications, data creation and SharePoint

  • Setting up a proof of concept example unique to your business

  • Producing a roadmap for your business’ digital transformation journey

Plan E – Office 365 Quickstart: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the innovative collaboration tool that is changing the way teams and even businesses work and communicate. With the announcement that Skype for Business’ calling and meeting functionalities will be integrated into Microsoft Teams, there’s no better time to get yourself clued up on using the platform. Our one-day quickstart session will give you an introduction to Teams and show you the key functionalities. Interested? Contact us now.

  • Intro to Microsoft Teams in Office 365, how it links to SharePoint and other apps

  • Creating teams, channels, adding members and using files, Wiki and embed sections

  • Proof of concept example – we’ll solve a real business problem of yours