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Office 365: First steps and security considerations

TSG is here to ensure your move to Office 365 is as smooth as possible

Migrate to it

Migration can be a tricky task depending on your legacy infrastructure and systems, and that’s why TSG is here to help. Here’s how we’ll help you migrate to your Office 365 solution:

  • Evaluate your current infrastructure and from that look at the smoothest way to migrate that will avoid disruption

  • Take a look at the versions of software you’re on, including Exchange, SharePoint and so on, and use an appropriate toolset

  • We’ll then undertake an architecture exercise that will focus on migrating the content you have on SharePoint, file shares etc.

  • We use the best-in-class tools for your specific, unique migration requirements that allow us to carry out the process efficiently

Back it up

Once you’ve migrated away from on-premise Office and Exchange, it’s a good idea to look at backing up your data. Especially as 1 in 3 businesses report losing data stored in cloud-based applications.

Datto Backupify for Office 365 is the leading cloud-to-cloud backup solution, offering an all-in-one backup, search, restore and export solution for Office 365.

Accidental deletion is all-too-common in the business world, and with only 30 days of backup in Office 365, you can’t afford to risk losing business-critical data and documents. What’s more, Office 365 doesn’t retain the data or documents of a deleted account – whether that’s a temporary or permanent deletion.

Backupify ensures that companies can access, control, and most importantly, own the data they entrust to the cloud.

  • 3x a day backup for Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Perform ad-hoc backups anytime, as required

  • Dashboard to keep track of backup progress

  • Unlimited data storage in the Datto cloud

  • One-click restore for ease and speed

  • Version control to avoid overwriting data

  • Advanced search to restore individual items or entire folders

  • Access historical snapshots or versions of all data with TSG

  • Retrieve data in its original format (file and label structure)

Secure it

Your Office 365 solution will sit at the heart of your business and therefore needs to be completely secure.

Office 365 itself has a number of inbuilt tools designed to prevent accidental data disclosure, inbound email threats and ensure you remain compliant with a number of standards including ISO and GDPR.

We’ve got experts across the entire Office 365 space, from migration to application usage and security; we’re by no means a one-man-band when it comes to Office 365.

Data loss prevention (DLP)

  • Identifies sensitive information across a number of areas in Office 365 including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive

  • Prevents the accidental sharing of sensitive information – block certain documents from being sent outside of your organisation

  • Educates your users on your DLP policies by sending them a notification and a tooltip when they try to send sensitive data

  • Comes with pre-defined sensitive information types like country-specific credit card numbers and national identity numbers

  • Set DLP policies with specific locations, using rules and conditions (like contains credit card numbers), and create actions off the back of user behaviour

Rights Management/Information Protection

  • Secures Office 365 files and email across all devices, using a combination of encryption, identity and authorisation policies

  • Authorised people can still read and interact with the data, which doesn’t happen with most other peer-to-peer encryption

  • Protect your data both inside and outside of your organisation, as security is implemented at the data level

  • Classify, label and protect your data based on the sensitivity automatically with Information Protection

  • Control your data with the ability to revoke access anytime and track, monitor and analyse activity on shared data

  • Your data is protected 24/7 thanks to classification and protection information – no matter who has access or where it’s stored

  • Collaborate safely and securely with colleagues or those outside of your business – define what actions they can take with your data

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

  • The next step up from 2-factor authentication (2FA), making it even harder for hackers to infiltrate 

  • Adds additional layers of protection beyond the password so that if it’s stolen, access is tethered to a user’s device

  • Safeguards access to data without affecting the user experience – sign on is still straightforward with easy verification

  • Additional verification options include mobile app notifications, phone calls, text messages and third-party authenticators

Office 365 Security Centre

  • Device management to keep all devices associated with your business’ Office 365 accounts secure

  • Set policies and access roles and wipe content from mobiles with Mobile Device Management

  • Enable or disable archive functions for specific users or groups, with pre-set archive policies

  • eDiscovery to manage your eDiscovery cases – hold, search and export data in Office 365 locations

Office 365 Secure Score

  • Understand how secure your organisation is with Secure Score, which analyses your Office 365 environment

  • Analysis based on regular activities and security settings, comparing them to Microsoft’s best security practices

  • Gives you a list of actions based on your security score so you can improve your organisation’s cybersecurity

  • Score Analyser allows you to view and evaluate your security score over time, and see scores for certain time periods

External security

Office 365’s comprehensive inbuilt security features are a great place to start, and gives you complete control over your data. But with the increasing cyberthreat landscape out there, you need additional protections in place to completely secure your business.

Your business will have specific security and compliance requirements. That’s where TSG experts come in. We’ll apply the toolkit that works best for your business from the wide range of our best-in-class security partners.

Compliance manager

  • Allows you to manage and monitor your compliance against worldwise-recognised standards including GDPR, ISO and HIPAA.

  • Conduct risk assessments and self-assessments regularly and see your compliance score in real-time

  • See your own compliance score and Microsoft's compliance score too (for example, as a GDPR controller)