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A complete knowledgebase

A complete knowledgebase

For many businesses, their contact centre workers are at the heart of everything they do. They’re the face and voice of your business, and they need to be personable, helpful and knowledgeable.

But with so many business processes, services and solutions to understand, training can not only take up a significant period of time, but it can also be a time-consuming, continuous process.

Chances are, your contact centre is already overwhelmed with queries. So if staff can’t handle them efficiently and effectively, it has a serious impact on productivity and ultimately decreases customer satisfaction.

What’s more, if your business also has repair or consultative staff who need to visit customers, this adds a costly additional dimension if they’re sent out unnecessarily.

Why implement a knowledge management solution?

Our knowledge management solution for Home Group helped the organisation achieve all of these goals and more. Utilising SharePoint and Nintex, we created a comprehensive knowledgebase which consists of a step-by-step guide to help the call controller find the right solution based on the customer’s answers, using branching and highly specific questioning. The initial information is captured in a Nintex Form, which triggers the Nintex Workflow to guide the user through the step-by-step process.

Home Group opted for the innovative solution, combining workflow automation suite Nintex with SharePoint, because it met the criteria of the project and cost hundreds of thousands of pounds less than competitor products; proving innovation doesn’t need to be eye-wateringly expensive.

  • Reduce wasted time on the phone and call-out visits

  • Improve efficiency and productivity of your staff

  • Reduce unnecessary call-outs to significantly cut costs

  • Enhance your customers’ experience, which increases loyalty

  • Reduce training time for new staff, allowing them to hit the ground running

“We don’t need to have everyone fully knowledgeable in every area because the call centre staff is guided along by the knowledge system. As long as they’re asking the right questions and putting in the right answers, they’ll find the solution.”

IS Manager, Home Group

The solution has proved to be a winner for Home Group, who as a result, has:

  • Saved £220,000 in the first year of the solution being implemented

  • Cut its new staff training from a month to 10 days – a reduction of 67%

  • Reduced its first call-out error rate to just 3%

  • Also reduced the error rate of second visits

“The system guides staff through every eventuality, narrowing down to a single answer which tells them what to do and where to go. And it integrates into the business contractor solution and pops the proper appointment on the right calendar, reducing the need for second or even misplaced maintenance calls.”

IS Manager, Home Group

“We have seen an improvement in the quality of our call handling and our overall customer experience, which was a key reason for undertaking this project.”

Head of Customer Experience, Home Group