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The digital workplace

By using Microsoft Teams, you can transform the way your people work and give them flexibility and mobility

Businesses across the UK are embracing modern ways of working to improve engagement, increase productivity and efficiency, enhance collaboration, offer mobility and ultimately increase profitability.

There’s no better tool to embrace than Office 365 to create the ideal modern working environment.


Effective collaboration is essential to improving efficiency within your workforce and enabling your people to work smarter.

Microsoft Teams is the flagship communication and collaboration hub which comes as standard as part of Office 365, with standout features including:

  • Conversation streams for each channel within a team

  • Dedicated teams and sub-channels to keep your conversations streamlined

  • Instant messaging functionality with presence

  • Video conferencing for up to 250 people on one call

  • Ability to embed over 90 apps into your teams

  • Collaborating with external users – whether or not they have Office 365

  • @ tag people or teams to notify them of your post/message

  • Specific functionalities for firstline workers including Shifts feature

  • File-sharing built on SharePoint for collaboration and security

Why use Microsoft Teams and the modern workplace?

Communicate effectively

No need to rely on long email chains – you can collaborate with colleagues and external contacts in the way that suits you best, whether that’s video conferencing, instant messaging or calling.

  • Seamless integration & collaboration

    Thanks to its SharePoint base, teams can collaborate on projects and files at the same time thanks to co-authoring functionality. A number of Office 365 and external applications can be embedded into channels.

  • Microsoft’s stringent security protocols

    All of Microsoft’s solutions are wrapped up in its enterprise-grade, end-to-end security and compliance features, giving your business peace of mind when using these tools.

  • Flexible working

    Flexible working is on the rise, and Microsoft Teams means your employees can collaborate anytime, anywhere. Teams is available on a number of devices, all with a consistent interface.

  • Practising what we preach

    We make it our mission to be experts on every solution we deliver, and we’ve got the awards and accreditations to prove it. But we also like to practise what we preach. That's why we use Microsoft Teams for the majority of our internal communications.

TSG was an early adopter of Microsoft Teams, having accessed the beta version as a Microsoft partner before its public release. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, our teams can work more collaboratively and we’ve cut down on team and even business-wide email.

Check out our Microsoft Solution Strategist Tony’s blog on eliminating team-wide emails by using Microsoft Teams

We also use Teams to collaborate externally; from our housing team dedicated to sharing knowledge and best-practice amongst our valued social housing customers to teams with partners and suppliers, we’ve streamlined all of our communications!

Recognising the potential in Microsoft Teams

Teams has a number of business cases, and can also be used across entire organisations, within and across different departments. We’re helping customers to get the most out of this solution.

Our housing association customer, Adra, identified Teams as a transformational tool and turned to TSG to not only roll out the platform, but to deliver training to help all users get the most out of the platform.

Read the full case study

Free Microsoft Teams video training

Looking to find out more about Teams functionality or take the first steps to get up and running with the collaboration platform? Check out these handy training videos direct from Microsoft.