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Enterprise document management

Document management and storage has evolved from the days of filing cabinets and paperwork all over your desk, but sometimes digitally managing documents is just as complicated and unstructured.

Additionally, regulatory and compliance management obligations, including GDPR and ISO, are driving businesses to seek out compliant, structured document management.

That’s why many organisations are turning to electronic document management solutions.

As a Microsoft Gold partner and Preferred Partner for SharePoint solutions, we’re expertly placed to deliver sophisticated solution which meet all of your business needs; from record management to workflows, indexing to security and integration with critical business systems.

What is an electronic document management system?

  • A tool to manage important documents generated by your business systems, such as CRM and ERP solutions
  • Managing internally generated corporate documents including HR or health and safety policies
  • Providing controlled access to documents available only to those who need access
  • Bringing together documents under one roof and providing easy access to important documentation

Why use a document management solution?

  • ISO and QMS

    Our customers are required to comply with a number of quality standards. With governance and structure required in their quality system and strict version control essential, we’re experienced in building solutions with compliance at their core.

  • Knowledge management

    Some job roles require knowing vast amounts of information and training time can eat into budgets. By implementing a knowledge management solution with accurate and up-to-date information, we can help you save time and money and allow service functions to deliver a seamless, top-class customer experience. 

  • HR

    No business is without HR policies or documentation. Much of this is highly sensitive information, while policies are essential to your business. We can help you implement a solution with the required levels of access management, governance and control. 

  • Policy management

    One area of your business which particularly works on a ‘single version of the truth’ is policy management. Thanks to version control and workflows which trigger reviews of policies, you can ensure they’re always accurate and up-to-date. 

Single version of the truth

Sharing a document with colleagues can come with risks. In the blink of an eye, you can have multiple different versions with different amends, and it’s difficult to know which version is the final or most accurate one.

Your EDMS can put an end to this frustration, as it removes unnecessary duplication, makes collaboration easy and allows you to rollback a document with version control and an audit trail to indicate when it was changed.

SharePoint document management  

SharePoint has been the document management solution of choice for enterprises for a number of years. Now, thanks to its inclusion as part of Office 365SharePoint is an enterprise-level solution that is now widely available at an affordable price point.

We have unrivalled expertise in designing, deploying and supporting SharePoint solutions to address a myriad of business challenges. We’ve held a Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content competency for a number of years, and recently gained Preferred Partner status for SharePoint solutions.

On top of your categorising, indexing and archiving requirements, your solution also needs to have the highest level of security and governance. This has always been non-negotiable for many businesses, but it’s even more critical in the wake of GDPR and the eye-watering fines for non-compliance.

“GreenSquare Group and TSG have worked very closely together and the partnership with TSG was central to our decision to adopt SharePoint Online as our enterprise document management and records management solution.”

- Rob Fletcher, Head of ICT, GreenSquare Group

Why choose a SharePoint EDMS?

  • SharePoint will never be retired – it’s at the heart of a number of Office 365 applications and Microsoft will continue to build on it
  • Works out-of-the-box, meaning no additional code is required and upgrade headaches become a thing of the past
  • Customise your solution with third-party integrations
  • Easy to use – your colleagues can adopt your SharePoint solution seamlessly
  • Access documents from multiple applications, devices and locations
  • Powerful search functionalities mean no time wasted looking for documents 

Key SharePoint features

  • Unrivalled ‘findability’ – tag and index files so they’ll be easy to find

  • Office 365 data loss prevention, compliance and governance in-built

  • Index and search for files based on metadata including modified by, date and category

  • Set up permissions to ensure nobody has access to files they shouldn’t have

  • Configure compliance policies, such as not allowing documents with financial information to be emailed outside of the business

  • A genuine ‘single version of the truth’ solution which includes version control, document rollbacks and a clear audit trail

  • Set up workflows to trigger notifications for important tasks or to improve processes