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Office 365 Licensing

Helping you to get the best value while meeting your business needs

The Office 365 licensing structure can be confusing, and Microsoft updates this continually to ensure Office 365 users are getting the most for their money. There are a number of plans available based on your business size and needs, so there’s definitely a plan for you. There’s a few things you should consider before buying your licenses.

Profile your users

The first step when looking at licenses is profiling your users. Chances are, not all of your users are going to need every Office 365 application. TSG’s Office 365 experts will work with you to determine which licenses are best for your business; by implementing a mix of licenses you can save time and money.

  • Field based workers – Chances are, your field-based engineers won’t need the full productivity suite. Outlook, OneDrive and PowerAppswill allow your field staff to get on with the job at hand whilst removing paper-based processes.

  • Office workers – Your in-house staff are the ones most likely benefit from the full Office 365 productivity suite. Perhaps some will only need the online applications, whilst others will benefit from the fully-installed apps.

If you’re struggling to determine who will need what, TSG is more than happy to assist – together we can ensure you get the licenses that suit the structure and budget of your business. Get in touch today to discuss licensing.

In-depth license information

What can I replace with Office 365?

When it comes to replacing legacy infrastructure and applications with Office 365, the world is your oyster. Office 365 will significantly reduce your reliance on on-premise applications, and therefore the backroom servers that run them.

The first step is of course replacing Exchange with Exchange Online, moving your emails to the cloud and reducing the need for on-premise storage – subsequently solving the issue of overfilled mailboxes.

Here are some of the applications and processes you could replace with Office 365 – by replacing each of these, you take another step on your digital transformation journey.

  • File storage

    By moving your files to Office 365’s enterprise-grade-secured cloud storage solution OneDrive, you free up further on-premise resource that you can either get rid of or put to good use

  • Next-level file storage

    If your business requires a full electronic document management system (EDMS) with secure file sharing, SharePoint is the solution for you. Read our EDMS case studies

  • Manual forms

    Does your office have accident books? Timesheets? Site inspections? Jobsheets? They’ll become a thing of the past with our pre-designed PowerApps and Flow solutions

  • Feedback forms and surveys

    Do you collect feedback from customers, prospects or even staff? Forms can replace SurveyMonkey and next to any other solution – it’s the quickest we’ve used too!

  • Intranet newsfeed

    A pain point for so many businesses is a clunky, outdated intranet. Replace it with Yammer and you’ve got an enterprise social network stream your staff will love

  • ELearning and video sharing

    If your business shares training videos regularly, use Office 365 Stream as your straightforward platform to deliver content that matters to your employees

  • Task management

    Use third-party apps like Trello to manage your workload? For a simple to-do list, use Microsoft To-Do. To manage your work and your team’s work, Planner is essential

  • Paper notepads

    Even the humble notepad can be replaced with OneNote. Whether you’re an organised note-taker or not, OneNote works with you. Type out notes or write freestyle and add images

  • Manual or Excel shift management

    Too many businesses still rely on Excel or sheets of paper to manage shifts. Use StaffHub to allocate shifts then put the power in the hands of your workers

This is still just scratching the surface of what you can do with Office 365. If you’ve got a process or an app that just isn’t working for you, talk to TSG to find out how you can take care of it within Office 365.

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