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Security and compliance

Keep your business safe from data theft and loss, cyber-attacks and accidental leaks

With an increase in cyberattacks and newer legislations like GDPR now enforced, cybersecurity is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity.

The good news is that security and compliance go hand-in-hand, and by achieving one, you’re able to achieve the other.

Do I need to worry about cybersecurity?

In short, yes.

You’d be surprised how many people are trying to take your business down. But it’s not just your business; hackers are attacking organisations of all sizes with some ferocity. Increasingly sophisticated attacks like phishing, which capture ID and login credentials, are growing, while ransomware viruses that elicit erroneous payments are on the up, too.

These attacks can incapacitate your business, from hackers gaining access to your vital systems to locking down your data and even servers to demand a ransom payment.

The cost of this downtime doesn’t bear thinking about, as it can range from the thousands to the millions of pounds. And that’s not even taking into account the reputational damage that your business will suffer – over a third of your customers will stop engaging or working with you.

The stats

  • 80% of hacking-related breaches leverage either stolen or weak passwords (Dark Web ID)

  • Two-thirds of organisations averaged five or more breaches in the past two years (Forrester)

  • Ransomware is expected to attack a business every 14 seconds by the end of 2019 (Cybersecurity Ventures)

  • In 2018, 40% of mid-sized business hit by a severe data breach experienced 8 hours or more of downtime

TSG's Cybersecurity Module

It's a fact that the cybersecurity landscape has changed, yet there has been a lack of investment by businesses in both proactive defence and education.

We want our clients to have the best levels of protection - that's where TSG's comprehensive Cybersecurity Module comes in.

TSG Cybersecurity Assessment

TSG’s Cyber Security Assessment offers you an in-depth look at your current IT security landscape, using expert knowledge and analytics to indentify weak spots and key areas that should be addressed.

This complex report forms the basis to create an action plan for further consideration and ultimately, improve the overall health of your business IT systems.

TSG Cybersecurity Monitoring

Stay one step ahead with your IT security provisions thanks to TSG's Cybersecurity Monitoring package.

Using state-of-the-art tools, coupled up with a highly skilled team, TSG's Cybersecurity Monitoring contract offers an ongoing assessment of your IT security environment, providing valuable monthly insights supported by expert knowledge.

We can help you improve your business’ IT security strategy in the following ways:

  • Encryption

    Ensuring all of your data, from cloud-based applications to hardware and removeable storage, is encrypted to prevent data loss from cyber-attacks, loss or theft

  • Firewall and unified threat management

    Implementing a robust firewall, or bolstering your existing solution, to ensure you have effective internet gateway security and protect you from online-based threats

  • Integrated endpoint protection

    Deploying a comprehensive endpoint protection solution, which works alongside your firewall, to prevent the spread of attacks by isolating devices

  • Enterprise mobility management

    Bringing mobile device management into your synchronised security strategy, ensuring these vital devices don’t leave a hole in your defence

  • Email protection

    Removing email as a primary entry method for hackers by filtering out the dangerous emails, whilst keeping yours secure in transit

  • Anti-ransomware

    Defending against the fastest-growing cyberthreat, ransomware, by implementing a specific, solution to prevent ransomware attacks

  • Data loss prevention

    Keeping your business-critical data safe by bolstering your existing solutions and encrypting data, so lost or stolen devices aren’t an issue

  • Two-factor authentication

    Boosting the security of the systems your staff uses every day by requiring them to confirm their identity in a way that doesn’t disrupt their day-to-day job

  • Cybersecurity training

    Addressing the biggest attack surface of your business, your staff, by providing education and training tools to ensure your people never fall for the hackers’ scams

Experts in cybersecurity

We’re dedicated to ensuring the continued success of your business. And in order for your business to succeed, you need to protect your essential data and systems from hackers.

That’s why we’ve got over 70 highly accredited cybersecurity experts with industry-leading qualifications dedicated to securing your business.

We hire the best

We know that the UK is experiencing a cybersecurity skills gap. Recruiting your own cybersecurity experts can be expensive; and that’s if you’re able to find someone who fits the bill in the first place. It’s our job to stay abreast of the latest cybersecurity threats and solutions, hiring only the best and the brightest.