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On 23 September 2022, the Chancellor in his mini budget statement announced the cancellation of the Health and Social Care Levy and in-year reductions in National Insurance Contributions (NICs) rates from 6 November 2022.

This release of Opera 3 2.91.50 (all variants) includes the necessary updates to the Opera 3 PAYE/NI/Stat. Payments tables and software changes on how Directors National Insurance should be calculated for the remainder of the 2022/23 tax year

Pegasus have now released this legislation update which we can now implement on your system.

How we can help

At TSG we understand that Payroll Upgrades are important  – that’s why we have Pegasus experts on hand to help you upgrade your software, and without too much disruption to your business.

Request a TSG payroll upgrade or find out more information about the Autumn Upgrade

Carrying out your own Pegasus payroll upgrade?

If you’re planning to carry out your own upgrade then, as was the case earlier this year, the release specific to your site can be downloaded from the Download Centre once it is available. Please note that, like last year, no disks will be sent out. If you already requested a login for the Download Centre please note you can use the same login to access the software for the Autumn Payroll release.

If you don’t yet have a Download Centre login then please email stating your company name, license number, contact name and the email address to be registered. You will be sent an email from Pegasus to allow you to confirm your registration and allow you to login to the site where you can download the software once it is available.

Please note that this email will come from Infor and might be caught in your junk mail or spam filter, so be sure to check for that. Please note that the Online Filing Manager will not require an upgrade. If in doubt as to any other pieces of software within your Opera system, e.g. bespoke or any third-party software, then please call (0333 220 0777 ) or log a support call through the normal channels. Please note that assistance with self-upgrades is not covered by your support contract and would be chargeable.

You will not need a new activation if upgrading from the Payroll release earlier this year.

There is a lot of information available in the Pegasus Information Centre that is worth keeping an eye on regarding release information. This includes instructions on how to carry out your upgrade in the Checklist Guide. Please ensure your systems meet the software requirements for the upgrade.  Note an Update Data Structures will be required.

Those of you who have already booked a consultant to carry out your upgrade please ignore all the above; we will do all of it for you! If you would like to book an upgrade then please let us know.


Supported Platform Information

You must ensure all servers and workstations meet the software requirements, if you are unsure, please contact your internal IT team or support provider to discuss in the first instance. Should they have questions, please get in touch with your TSG CSM, or contact a Pegasus specialist on or by calling 0333 220 0777.

Software requirements for Pegasus Opera products Software requirements for Pegasus Capital Gold Payroll

Release Numbers

  • Opera 3 V2.91.50
  • Scheduler V2.21.00
  • Capital Gold Payroll (TBC)


If you run payroll then YES you must upgrade your Pegasus system. If no payroll is in use then there is no need to upgrade right now.

Make sure you are on the server where Opera 3 is installed – then try again. If it still doesn’t say upgrade then do not carry on as the installation will go to the wrong place.

If your existing programs are installed in a different location to the default, when installing click the Browse command button and select the drive and folder in which the programs are installed. It is important that you use the same location originally specified when you installed Capital Gold Payroll for the first time.

For further information see the install guide here –

You should upgrade the software prior to running your first payroll with a Pay Date on or after 6th November 2022.

Yes, it is imperative that you backup your entire Pegasus system before proceeding with the upgrade. This is explained in the installation guide.

The Autumn Release V2.91.50 does not require a new licence key.

  • Run Update Data Structures from Administrator\System\Utilities on all company data.
  • Go to Payroll, Utilities and “Copy Statutory Rates”.
  • Select “Set to System Default” or by ticking the update statutory rates option in the UDS mentioned above.
  • After tables have been copied, check the new tables have been successfully deployed in Table 2 and that the Apprenticeship Levy and Employment Allowance are correct for each payroll company
  • Ensure the HMRC text is removed on your payslip design – “1.25% uplift in NICs funds NHS, health & social care”.

Yes, the new rate changes for payments after 6 November 2022 have been applied.

If the NI adjustment is after 6 July 2022 customers can use the Adjust NI function in Payroll – Utilities to process the change. In the exceptional circumstances that a customer has a requirement to process an adjustment before 6 July 2022, a manual calculation and override may be required.

If the Statutory Payment adjustment relates to the current tax year (from 6 April 2022) then the customer can use the Statutory Payment function in the Payroll – Payroll Processing – Action menu as normal.

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