It’s another of those annoying industry acronyms that we’re really not keen on at TSG but ‘BYOD’ or ‘bring your own device’ has created a number of security challenges. The last couple of years have witnessed an explosion of devices; tablets, smart phones, iPhones, etc.

Many people now use multiple devices to access company networks, email, business applications and other highly sensitive information, managing their work alongside their social lives.

These devices are mobile, data is stored locally and the divide between work and personal is becoming increasingly blurred in the world of social media, dramatically increasing exposure to security risks, data breaches and privacy violations if the devices themselves and the applications on them are not adequately secured.

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Their use is often not linked to strategy; they’ve just arrived, so the result is that many businesses are infested with inherently insecure devices and insufficient, if any, consideration has been given to what’s acceptable use of company data.

We’re certainly not suggesting that you ban all devices or consign them to the bin. There’s no doubting their considerable value in improving efficiencies, accommodating flexible approaches to working and capturing valuable data. However, it’s imperative that they are included in an holistic and strategic approach to IT security and broader data policies. That’s something that we’d be happy to discuss with you as part of your on-going security requirements.

Equally, protection of both your network and users’ devices is made straightforward with Sophos UTM.