Like all first tier telecoms providers, TSG buy products and services direct from BT Openreach who manage the local access network; the infrastructure that delivers the data, broadband and voice services to each home and business throughout the UK, sometimes referred to as the ‘first mile’.

As guardians of this critical national asset, BT Openreach work on behalf of telecoms providers and their customers to ensure that the tens of millions of people across the UK are able to make calls, and access and share information online.

In short, they’re responsible for maintaining and improving the network infrastructure which underpins the entire UK communication industry.

End users cannot contact BT Openreach directly and have to go indirectly through their reseller, so the closer the reseller sits in the supply chain to BT Openreach, the better.

It was established in 2006 following an agreement between BT and Ofcom to ensure competition in the telecoms market, allowing all telecom operators equality of access to BT's local network.