TSG provides a full range of data cabling services, including full installation moves, adds and changes as well as critical project deployment.

Our expert cabling engineers will design and install data cabling for network switching, servers, routers and wireless equipment. We can also integrate them with CCTV, multimedia signage, building controls and security systems.

Connectivity and Cabling

Comprehensive end-to-end copper and fibre cabling systems that offer ease of deployment and proven performance to ensure availability, reliability and scalability of mission critical systems.

Zone Cabling

A complete line of products for open office architecture applications, telecommunications enclosures, data centres, wireless deployments and network integration of building automation systems.

Cabinets, Racks and Cable Management

A portfolio of innovative products with modular designs that offer greater thermal management and energy efficiency.

Physical Infrastructure Management

Visibility and control for monitoring, managing and automating of networks through intelligent asset identification and tracking to the physical layer.


Manage and protect high performance communication, computing and/or power cables under floors and through overhead channels to ensure system performance, reliability, scalability and reduced cost of ownership.


A visually verifiable and dedicated grounding path to maintain system performance, improve network reliability and protect both personnel and equipment.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Extend PoE over a wide range of locations and applications to offer network design flexibility and enhanced system reliability, as well as decreased installation and power operating costs.

Project Managed

Customer liaison and survey and Project Management, to ensure that the needs of your ICT systems specification are translated into the data cabling layer, ensuring that it covers all network function.