Migrating to the cloud can yield significant benefits for business when deployed as part of a considered and well-thought through approach to technology.

If you have a specific trigger for change and get it right it can bring significant efficiencies in productivity and reliability and also reduce up-front costs and maintenance. However, it will almost inevitably increase costs in other areas including connectivity and on-going subscriptions. The flipside is that getting it wrong can result in a loss of control over your key technology assets and valuable data. Our assessment determines your cloud readiness.

Microsoft Office 365 and the Cloud

Cloud ReadinessMany are turning to Microsoft Office 365 as their first step into the cloud, which brings with it the advantages of per user per month subscription payment, mobility and always up-to-date versions of familiar productivity tools.

At TSG, our aim is to guide you through a potential minefield and that’s why we’ve developed our comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment. What’s more, whilst we’ve chosen to work with a controlled number of key delivery partners, we have no vested interest in specifying any particular technology over another.

We don’t own any datacentres and our choice of broadband and software solutions is simply down to our evaluation of their best-of-breed status.
For that reason we can offer a completely unbiased perspective for cloud computing based on a clear understanding of your requirements and objectives, these are determined in the cloud assessment. 


  • Compelling reasons
  • Current situation analysis
  • Compliance requirements
  • Seasonal requirements
  • Disaster recovery
  • Planned IT projects
  • Critical business systems
  • Business aims / plans
  • Connectivity
  • Applications