Improve credit control in your business

Business is a balancing act - with cash flow at its heart. If not properly managed, cash flow can cause major problems for an organisation which are likely to negatively impact profitability.

Although giving customers credit is an excellent tool for facilitating sales, a company must have a process in place to help them to collect the money. It's when businesses do not have processes in place to generate invoices and payments that problems occur. If there is no process in place for collecting money this could impact on your ability to pay suppliers and ultimately result in customers becoming dissatisfied.

Credit Hound

What is Credit Hound?

Credit Hound is a piece of add-on software which automates and streamlines the processes involved in good credit control, enabling you to collect money quickly and easily. Credit Hound has built in features which reduce debt and provide critical business information.

No one likes debt chasing, but Credit Hound has powerful tools, features and functionalities to make the task as efficient and painless as possible.

Credit Hound contains credit management features including:

  • Self-chasing
  • Automated Contact Management
  • Automated diary scheduling
  • On screen debt chasing
  • Detailed chase history
  • Dispute handling and resolution support
  • Automated follow up correspondence
  • Built-in flexible report and letter designer
  • Seamless links to Sage and Microsoft accounting systems
  • Easily configurable to meet your credit control needs

Credit Hound will help you:

  • Improve cash flow - When your customers pay on time, you too can pay on time.
  • Manage and control disputes so invoices get paid - Disputed invoices are often not paid. Credit Hound enables you to manage and resolve problems quickly, ensuring you get paid.
  • Automate processes and save time - Credit Hound tells you who you need to talk to.
  • Reduce debts by monitoring your customers - By keeping in contact with your customers you will be aware of potential problems and be in a better position to take preventative action.
  • Links directly to your accounts system - As Credit Hound links straight to your accounts system there is no duplication of effort.
  • Achieve good credit control quickly and easily - Credit Hound is easy to install and use which means you will feel the return on investment quickly.

Get Credit Hound working for you

With our extensive knowledge of Sage 200 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there is no better company than TSG to ensure that Credit Hound is working correctly for your organisation.