It may be a cliché but it’s certainly true that it’s easier to keep an existing customer than find a new one. That’s why customer care is now the focus for the majority of the CRM projects we work on for our customers at TSG.

Our experience is wide and varied, and we look after over 4,000 customers of our own so we understand the importance of building strong relationships. We provide customer care solutions for IT helpdesks, retail call centres, complaints management teams, major multi-national outsource providers, and of course countless small businesses. We’ve even designed a system that’s used by most of the UK’s train operating companies and has now been spun out as a stand-alone product called TSG traveller.

Workflow automation, case tracking, on demand scripts, task generation and workload management all allow you to streamline your customer care and service processes ensuring timely, accurate and consistent communication. So whilst CRM is traditionally seen as being about sales, TSG can help you to empower the people who are at the frontline of your business and are tasked with building unbreakable customer relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the foundations for excellent customer care:

  • Case management, configured to your customer service team’s needs
  • Real-time dashboards to help you stay on top of your case load and powerful reports to analyse performance and trends
  • Service scheduling, including automated scheduled based on skills matrices and service needs
  • Contract management, including a range of contract templates and service levels
  • Knowledgebase stores information that can be attached to cases and sent to customers in emails
  • Easy to integrate with your company website to provide customer self-service
Watch this short video from Microsoft around managing your customer more effectively and improving customer service.