Powerful business intelligence tools will enable you to maximise the value of the data that your Pegasus system is collecting from each department in your business.

Pegasus Dashboards provide an instant overview of your business based in real-time information allowing you to review progress against KPIs, isolate hot spots that require attention and support critical decision making. Individual managers can define their own specific dashboard and by drilling down in to underlying data they’ll be in a position to take immediate action.

Pegasus XRL sits in the Excel menu allowing you to use familiar tools to design management reports such as P&L and balance sheet linking the data fields 'live' into the latest information in your accounting system. Accurate and instant data transfer means you can focus more time more effectively on producing detailed analysis.

If you can spare ten minutes or so, these videos feature a Pegasus product specialist and give you a detailed demonstration of the features and benefits of Dashboard and XRL;
Dashboard video:


XRL video: