Pegasus Instant Messenger, or PIM, is a unique real-time reporting, scheduling and instant messaging tool designed to distribute business-critical information based on data held within Opera 3 in the form of a discreet pop-up instant message, whenever something happens that you or your team need to know about.

Messages are dynamically generated based on predefined criteria through a user-friendly wizard and are invaluable in such areas as escalating overdue invoices to the Credit Control Manager, monitoring stock levels and warning when stock has dropped below its minimum level, and notifying budget holders of information which is outside budgetary control thresholds.

Because it doesn’t rely on email and doesn’t support communication outside the firewall PIM is completely confidential and secure, as well as free of viruses, spam and junk mail.

So, with evidence suggesting that instant messaging can reduce email and telephone communications by 15% to 25%, PIM creates the opportunities to significantly increase productivity.

The Desktop Edition of Pegasus Instant Messenger comes as standard with Pegasus Opera 3, providing entry level functionality through 5 pre-defined tasks and a simple wizard utility.

Upgrading to the Enterprise Edition of Pegasus Instant Messenger

Unlock more advanced capability by upgrading, including:

  • Creation of tasks and timed events
Instant Notes

  • Presence awareness

  • Out of Office
Message Priority

  • Appearance of Pop-ups

  • Advanced Task Wizard
Message archiving