Pegasus Opera Fixed Assets maintains a complete register of your company’s assets, from their initial acquisition through to disposal. The Fixed Assets module will help you keep control of the resources your company has invested in, so that you can avoid misappropriation and make the most of their value by managing them in the most efficient way.

Fixed Assets calculates and records depreciation for the life of the asset, and can be linked to the Opera 3 Nominal Ledger for automatic depreciation journal postings. Opening balances and depreciation to date can be recorded for assets acquired in previous periods or years. It’s easy to create asset records using category groups and asset categories, and, when linked to the Opera 3 Purchase Ledger or PIR/POP modules, supplier invoice lines can also create assets.

With Pegasus Opera Fixed Assets you can record details of;

  • Finance or operating leases

  • Hire purchase/lease purchase assets

  • Company owned assets

  • Assets of any other type