SIP trunks have been around for some time but it’s only recently that an increasing number of businesses are adopting them as connectivity continues to improve.

Whilst it’s not right for everyone, SIP can open the door to technologies such as unified communications or UC at the same time as providing flexibility and built-in business continuity.

For some, it will offer the opportunity to consolidate ISDN lines and rationalise the support required to keep everything running smoothly.

The challenge is not in understanding how SIP trunks work, but in determining whether they can add value to your business.

That’s where TSG’s expertise comes into its own.

With extensive knowledge across both telecoms, infrastructure and IT services we’re perfectly placed to evaluate your existing provision, assess your requirements and where appropriate help you make the most of what is an excellent example of converged technology.

We’re currently offering a free telecoms audit to help you understand if you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits SIP trunks can bring. The audit includes:

• Bandwidth profile
• xDSL and fibre (FTTC) readiness & suitability
• Internet access & inter-office connectivity (IPVPN and QoS)
• ISDN and SIP – profile & suitability
• Call routing and DR
• Inbound & outbound call profile & cost analysis
• PBX - enabler or cost
• Contact centre
• Call handling & routing
• Unified Communications and LYNC
• Call recording
• Support and in-life requirements
• Backend application integration demands